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These are our general FAQ’s. If you already created items see this page

How does it work?
- Very simple, submit documents based on your pay information. Our software calculates tax & national insurance contributions (or use own figures). We email you sample copies before you buy.

Who is this for? - Staff who receive e-Payslips and need a print copy on genuine stationery. Employees who lost payslips and need to replace. Small businesses with casual worker requirements.

What will I get?  - You receive 300dpi PDF copies by email and the option of printed copies by post.

How long does it take?  - We're quick. During office hours usually within 30 minutes or less. Postal items ordered before 3pm will ship same day First Class. Usually they arrive next day but that is not guaranteed.

Can I print them? - Yes. The PDF is a 300dpi image. Much depends on your print settings. Make sure you are set to print at 100% at actual size (not fit to page). The genuine pay documents we supply will always be better.

How does the Money-back Guarantee work? - We expect you to be happy. We've been doing this a long time and are confident we've got it right. If any item does not meet your needs (for any reason) we refund your order without any fuss. A simple email 'Hey guys, can I get a refund' is all we need. We always value feedback but it's not required. We process refund within hours.

Can you price match? - No. We ask a fair price and don't cut corners to offer cheap payslips. You get email copies in 30 minutes. There are no hidden extra fees. You can get a free sample before you buy. They'll be excellent quality. We refund if you don't want them (for any reason). Documents will arrive on time. We offer great value and no risk.

You refund if I don't want them? - Yes. We expect you to be happy. If our product fails to meet your needs we refund the sale. No explanation required, email us and we'll return your payment. If in doubt try a free sample first.

What information do I need? - Simple payslips need only take home pay. Detailed payslips with hours worked, rate of pay, bonus, commission need extra data. Other information needed are company and employee details and national insurance number. See also how to create payslips.

Do you include student loan? - Yes. We can calculate Plan 1 or 2. You can also provide your own figures. We do the same for workplace pension and employer NI contributions.

Can I provide the full calculations? - Yes. Enter full details from your payslip or let our software create the figures.

Can I add payslips to a previous order? - Yes create new documents and use the carry forward option (it's simple). There's a link in the despatch notification email. It makes it quick & simple to enter data because it will populate all standard details.

What if I make a mistake? - No problem, you can amended without charge. Resubmit and use voucher code ADMIN to skip payment. Your original order needs to have been placed within 7 days. You can't just keep coming back and getting the next pay date for free.

So will my payslip look exactly like my old ones? - Not exactly the same. Check the templates shown on our website for the best match.

What if I need something not shown on your site? - Sorry we're set up to cover the most popular options and don't offer a custom design service.

Do I place an order for each payslip? - No. You can add up to 13 payslips on the same order as long as only the dates and amounts change. Employers need a new order for each member of staff. If your employer or home address change you need a new order.

How do I make payment? - Credit or Debit Card (via PayPal). You don't need an account, just check out as a guest and enter card details.

I'm not sure of the tax code? - Unless you have a special code we will calculate using the standard tax code for the pay year. If you paid too much or too little tax or it's a second job, you may have a special code.

Can you check with employer for me? - No. We can't verify with employer or HMRC. We will workout correct payroll deductions based on data provided.

Can I use as proof of income? - Last 3 month payslips are usually requested along with bank statement. Ensure that your net pay amounts match the deposits in your bank account. But yes they will.

Can I forward my payslips for you to copy? - No. Enter the data on our order form. They will look like the template style you choose. You have full control over the amounts & calculations if you need to make changes.

Can I order over the phone? - No, it's a self-service application. You create your own documents using the button above.

Will I receive real pay documents? - Yes. We use popular stationery from the major software providers, and approved P60 forms. You will also receive an email copy generated from our software system.

Can you post international? - Yes we can send to any location although we can't guarantee when it will arrive. We post to Spain, France, Australia and USA which takes about 5 days to arrive.

Can you provide documents for earnings in other countries? - Only earnings subject to UK tax laws.

Where do I find the employer PAYE ref? - Ask your employer. Check a previous P60. Ask a colleague to check their P60 (it is the same).

Disclaimer: Our online calculator is designed to provide helpful information, however, without complete access to pay data, the accuracy may not be 100%. It should be considered an estimate and not professional advice. We cannot be held responsible for financial decisions made based on the information provided.

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