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  • FREE Sample. Pay if Happy.

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Replacement Payslips, P60 Documents and Small Business Payroll



Get your replacement payslips or P60 and only pay if happy, no upfront purchase required


We have been producing high quality payroll documents for a very long time. We're sure they'll be exactly what you need and make it easy to try without risk.


View your replacement payslips or P60 documents in less than 30 minutes. Preview PDF copies via email and then make payment if happy. If you forgot something amendments are not a problem. Make all the changes you need until perfect.


Like clockwork we post printed documents at 3pm and they usually arrive next day. Prices are competitive without cutting corners. All purchases come with an unbeatable guarantee; If we don't meet your expectations in any way, we refund your order. No explanation required.


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Image of a Payslip & P60 for 2020

Who Needs Replacement Payslips

When employer e-payslips aren't suitable or you can't find your P60 it can be frustrating. Electronic payroll may be convenient but there are times when you need actual printed documents as 'proof of earnings' to rent or buy property, access student grants, apply for finance and more. Lenders are starting to accept email copies but many still need printed copies.


Transfer information from your e-slips, or simply provide standard salary information, even reverse calculate from just income on your bank statement. It only takes minutes to get documents. You'll receive high quality colour PDF copies by email and matching printed stationery by post.


Used by small business with casual payroll requirements and employees who have lost payslips or need printed versions of electronic pay summaries.


Free Sample Documents

When choosing the style required there's a tick box to receive your samples. Your order will be processed in exactly the same way but you skip payment. We send your email with the high quality PDF documents attached. Assuming everything is perfect, there's a payment link to receive your printed stationery or remove the watermark. You can create as many samples as you wish.

Popular Payslip & P60 Styles


Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in BluePLUS Payslip Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement PayslipStandard A3 PAYSLIPImage of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in OrangeORANGE PORTRAIT P60




Image Block of the Replacement Payslip & P60 Price List 2020


High Quality PDF Images and Genuine Payroll Stationery

You receive crisp 300dpi images by email and laser printed forms if you opt to receive printed documents by post. Although it is possible to simply print your email copies, you need to get your printer settings right and much depends on your ink supply and calibration settings. Results will be much better if we provide the actual payroll stationery to match your documents. They look exactly like the images but have been printed using traditional methods with pay data added by laser printer.


Not Quite Right? No Problem

If you forgot to add something or need to change the details we make it very easy. We include a reorder link in the email which will populate your order information. Just make the changes and we process again, and you can do this as many times as you need. You can change sample orders or items you already purchased.


Quick Refund Guarantee

Our aim is to develop great relationships where clients return time and again, so do all we can to exceed expectations. However, if for any reason your documents aren't what you wanted, we quickly refund your payment and hope you come back next time, or will recommend us. We don't need an explanation, and there's nothing to return.


We're Fast, Real Fast

HMRC guidelines encourage your employer to help. They should be able to get copy payslips or a duplicate P60 but possibly not as quick as you might need (also see this post about how to get a P60). If you need them now we have you covered. During office hours (8-3pm) you receive email copies within 30 minutes. At other times we're still pretty quick but there's no guarantee, just ASAP.


When Your Employer Can't Help

Some payroll systems make it difficult for employers to reproduce older documents. They may not have stationery for printed payroll. If struggling tell them to get in touch, we help lots of companies with this exact problem. They can provide figures and we will print and post.

Image of a Blue P60 Document

P60 Documents to Get You Approved

Customers can need a replacement P60 as part of an application for a mortgage or property rental. Many organisations want to see a traditional copy P60 document rather than a printout of an eP60. Our forms will help towards the required outcome. They are printed on genuine payroll stationery.


Recover Older Documents from 2010 to 2020

We're often asked; how can I get a P60 for the last 5 years? Many styles of P60 are created with a fixed date for that year end. Once stock is depleted it can be difficult to get printed copies for older years. We purchase bulk stock and currently hold the popular styles from the past ten payroll years. Combined with the correct pay tables it is straightforward to re-create back dated items.


What Pay Information You Need

A copy P60 is quite straightforward and can be created from just the salary, tax code and the name and address of both the company and employee. Payslips can be a little more involved depending on what items you need to include. A standard layout matching either gross or net pay, that can include workplace pension, student loan and employer NI contributions is quite simple, requiring just the pay amount and tax code (if non-standard).


If payslips are to include hours & rate of pay, bonus, commission, allowances, sick or maternity pay, expenses, healthcare, or custom deductions for a pension then you would need that information. Our system will calculate deductions but the option to use custom data instead is available which can be useful if converting e-documents to printed stationery. Likewise you can provide full data for your P60.


Where pay is different each time you can provide year to date totals from the last payslip to carry forward ensuring everything matches. Otherwise our system will pro rata calculate the first payslip from the start of the pay year on April 6th.


We make it easy for the person who has limited information but knows pay dates and how much they received, while providing flexibility for clients with more complex requirements.



Cheap Payslips, Fake, Novelty or Replica Documents

We can't verify the data supplied by any client is accurate but do calculate all payslips carefully and correctly, using genuine payroll stationery from the leading software providers. We don't do fakes, they're real documents, prepared by professionals and prices are as low as can be without cutting corners.


Before the financial crisis 2007/08 banks offered self-certification mortgages. Instead of holding on their books they packaged with a bunch of others. Then sold to investors as 'mortgage backed securities'. As they weren't taking the risk, their lending criteria was much lower.


After the crash, banks tightened their lending and it became more difficult to get a mortgage. Pay documents needed to correspond with bank statements and online credit profiles. This ensured employees could not inflate their earnings.

You only pay if 100% satisfied


  • Free Samples - We let you try first without spending a penny. We know we're good, and make it easy for you to find out. Choose 'Free Sample' when you order and skip payment.


  • Fast Service - Receive copies by email within 30 minutes during office hours. At other times we're quick but offer no guarantees.


  • Simple - Ordering is easy and takes minutes. Choose the level of detail to include.


  • High Quality - PDF documents are 300dpi resolution that you can print. Option of genuine payroll documents by post.


  • Make Changes - We want you to be happy and accommodate any changes you need. No fuss, no extra charge.


  • Pay Only If Perfect  - We don't expect payment until you're sure they meet your needs. Once satisfied click the payment link and documents will be in the next post.


  • Great Prices - We don't offer a cheap & cheerful price then cut corners to make it worthwhile. Payslips are from £5.00 and P60 £12.50. Prepared with meticulous attention to detail our documents won't let you down.


  • Refund Guarantee - We don't mess about. We refund your payment for any reason. A quick email 'Hey guys can I get a refund' is all we need. Feedback is welcome but not required.




Questions we've been asked that may be useful


Can I send you my payslips to copy?

We can copy information from your payslips but will use our templates which may be slightly different (see styles). You still need to order online, with as much data as possible. Then you can forward your copies and we'll try to ensure details match.


When do you get your P60?

The pay year runs from 6th April and ends 5th April the following year. You would receive a P60 certificate for that period shortly afterwards. Employers are instructed by HMRC to issue before May 31st. Ask your employer if not received by the end of May.


Can I get a copy of my P60 from HMRC?

They wont forward a copy P60 certificate but will send you a statement of earnings which performs the same function. They would expect you to ask the employer first but if that is not an option they will send you the information. If you do need a printed copy we can transfer to the correct stationery.


How long should I keep a P60?

HMRC advise you keep your P60 for 22 months from the end of the pay year. We suggest you keep them for 5 years just to be safe. It's not like they take up a lot of space.


Can I get a P60 for previous years?

We hold stock stationery for the past ten years. Our software enables us to calculate any date during that time with the correct pay tables. We can go further back but may not have the correct stationery so please contact us first.


I lost my payslips can you still help?

If your pay details are standard we can reverse calculate from the pay amounts on your bank statement. Just make a note of pay dates and amounts received during the pay year and we can generate what your payslips would show.

Payslip Prices and Discounts

Replacement payslips are the same price so choose based on design. Security mailer (due to construction) is more expensive but we maintain uniform pricing. If clients need only the PDF copies, we apply a 50% discount if selected as shipping option.


Prices are competitive but not cheap payslips. They are high quality genuine documents and we don't provide a cheap service. We supply great products without cutting corners. Fast. High quality copies by email. Posted documents shipped same day, and a money back guarantee.


Sample, Replace & Refund Guarantee

We have been doing this a very long time. We have created a  streamlined service to provide the replacement payslips you need. We offer Free Sample orders so you can find exactly the payslip that you need. Then ordering couldn't be any simpler.


The only provider to let you see your actual payslips before placing your order. After you buy, you can make amendments if there's anything you wish to add or change.


Then if your payslips don't meet your needs (for any reason), we have a prompt refund guarantee. No big song and dance, a quick email 'Hey guys, can I get a refund on this' is fine, and we will return your payment. If you want to offer feedback it's welcome but not required.


We make buying copy payslips easy and risk free. Over 90% of  our business comes from existing clients or recommendation.



Get Your Free Sample Payslips Today

If ready to order select the style you want. The pay information required is standard and you have full control. You can transfer all details from an electronic copy if you wish. If replacing lost documents your payslips can calculate from pay received.


You need pay dates and amounts. Note details from a bank statement. This can be reverse calculated to work out pay, tax and national insurance.


Payslips can show salary calculations such as basic, bonus, commission and overtime. Then deductions for income tax, national insurance, pension or student loan.


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Image of a Payslip & P60 for 2020
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