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Replacement Payslips - Simple Solution - Common Problem


As an employer running electronic payroll, or a staff member receiving pay documents by email, there may be times when printed documents are needed. You may have lost your payslips and need a copy as part of a loan or mortgage application, or even just for your records. Computerised payroll systems provide many benefits to your company in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, but may not be of help to you.


If so, we can quickly create pay documents on the correct stationery and post the same day, including an email copy included within the hour. Ordering is very quick and simple. Just choose what items you need, answer some simple questions and we will carefully recreate your payslips or P60.




Low Prices

No Hidden Fees

Email within 30 Mins

Genuine Pay Documents

Carefully Prepared by Professionals

Full Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


Document Approval Assured

Simple Pricing with No Hidden Fees


1 x Payslip      (£10.00)

2 x Payslips    (£19.00)

3 x Payslips    (£25.00)

4 x Payslips    (£30.00)

Extra payslips just £2.00 each


P60 Documents - £30.00 each


No other hidden costs or fees.

50% Discount for email only PDF orders without shipping.





Printed payslips and often a P60 are often required as part of a loan application, mortgage or other transaction as a part of showing your income. More banks and financial institutions are starting to accept that people often do not receive physical payslips anymore, and may accept printed emails in lieu, accompanied by bank statements. It's always worth checking first.


Where the email won't be enough, your documents can be recreated on genuine payroll forms. P60 Certificates are pre-printed each year with the year on the form, and it is important to use the correct one. Sometimes locating older documents can be difficult. We run a stock of most forms dating back for the past 10 years, but when they run out they cant be purchased anymore.


You can provide all the information to be added from your payslip, or if you're not sure we will calculate everything for you. As long as you know how much you were paid and if you were paying standard tax or had a special code, we can help.


We always recommend people who need replacement documents check with their employer first as they may get what they need for free. However if that is not an option, because you are no longer employed there, or perhaps the company no longer operates, then we are happy to help. We have made ordering a very simple process that takes just a few minutes.






Image of the Standard Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A1 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Sage A2 Style Replacement Payslip Image of the Standard A3 Style Replacement Payslip Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Blue Small Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Orange Image of a Prime Replacement Payslip in Green Small image of a Plus Style Replacement Payslip in Blue


Image of a Security Style Replacement Payslip Sealed Closed.


Image of Replacement P60 in landscape style layout


Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Orange Image of a Replacement P60 Portrait Style in Blue Image of a Replacement P60 Mailer Style

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