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How the Pandemic Changed Payroll

The coronavirus has transformed how payrolls work and exacerbated existing complications. A number of financial support schemes kept organisations afloat during the pandemic. Many UK employees have had to be furloughed, with the government paying most of the wages of people who cannot work or whose employers cannot afford to pay them. In fact, some employees are still on furlough.

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Payroll Security

Quick Link Re-Order Documents

We don't keep your personal information on our servers longer than necessary. This is for your data security. The only information we keep is an invoice record on our ledger. That means you can not simply add extra dates to an order placed weeks before.

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Payroll Staff Discussing an Order

How to Fix a Problem with your Order

Don't panic if you forgot to add some information to your documents or you want to make a change. We will help fix any problems.

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Landscape P60 2021 Stationery

Landscape P60 2021 Stationery

Many people recognise the landscape P60 as the original P60 layout. The laser document of recent years based on the NCR forms from decades ago that you could get from HMRC.

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New Compact Payslip Style in Blue

New Payslip Styles Added for 2021

Sage has stopped producing printed stationery as e-payroll finds greater adoption. Some of their layouts may disappear from our range soon, so we have introduced some new styles.

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Woman at her Desk ordering a Copy P60

How to Get a Copy P60

How do I get a copy of my P60 is the most common question we get asked? If you have the pay information it’s simple. If all you know is that you worked at the company between dates and can’t remember how much you got paid. It’s more difficult... but not impossible.

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Image of P60 for Last 5 Years

How to Get a P60 for the Last 5 Years

If you lost or never received your P60 and your employer won’t help. With the pay amounts you can use our replacement P60 service to create documents. We send you email copies and genuine P60 printed stationery by post.

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Payroll Office Desk

Video: Payslip Options and Available Styles

Let us walk you through the replacement payslip styles and options available so you can decide what's right for you.

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Your P60 Explained

Your P60 certificate is a summary document. It shows earnings and deductions made during the pay year to April 5th. In this post we breakdown the information used to create your P60.

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Your Payslip Explained

In this breakdown we explain the different options you can select for your payslips.

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Payroll Admin Team Member

We’re Different... You only Pay if 100% Satisfied

Get FREE samples to see if you want them before you buy... We have been creating Replacement Payslips & P60 Documents a very long time. Company payroll even longer. We make it easy to try our service because we're confident you'll be happy.

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Sample P60 for 2021

P60 Certificate: Year End 5th April 2021

The P60 Document for the pay year to 5th April 2021 will be issued shortly after the year end. It covers earnings and deductions for the 12 months as reported to HMRC.

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Payroll Office Desk and Computer

How to Get a P60 Online

Get free samples online of any document from the last ten years. If happy click to pay and we pop printed documents in the post. It's very simple and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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Fake Income Detector

Can I Get Fake Payslips?

We correctly calculate salary deductions based on the information you provide to create payslips. We can't verify the data but will calculate correctly.

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Lost P60 - Can It Be Replaced?

There are times when they do get lost, misplaced or damaged. Often you will not even be aware until you are asked for a copy as 'proof of income' possibly for a mortgage, loan or property rental. We can help replace lost items.

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Can I Use Replacement Wage Slips to Get A Bank Loan?

My company has stopped giving us payslips. All we get now is an email. I need to know if they can do this because my loan application was withheld because they wanted original wage slips not photocopies on A4 paper. Can you help?

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