Lost P60 - Can It Be Replaced?


Your P60 End of Year Certificate is an important statement of earnings summary that your employer must provide by May 31st. It is an important document that you should keep. The document often includes the words 'Do Not Destroy' along the top and state  that you should 'keep this certificate in a safe place' as you will need it if you have to fill in a tax return, or claim tax credits. So yes it is important.


There are times when they do get lost, misplaced or damaged. Often you will not even be aware until you are asked for a copy as 'proof of income' possibly for a mortgage, loan or property rental.


If You Have Lost Your P60 There Are a Couple of Things You Can Do


First the free option. You can ask your employers payroll department for a copy. This can be an irritation for them as their pay software may not facilitate reprinting information from the previous tax year, or they may not still have the forms from that year in stock. Each new pay year has an updated form with the year printed on.


If your employer is reluctant to provide a copy to replace your lost P60, they could give you just a signed 'statement of earnings' on company letterhead, signed by the director. This is much easier to produce and does not require any special forms. If you explain that you lost your P60 but your company gave you this cover note, most lending institutions will be fine.


The employer is not obliged to provide this and may take the attitude we gave you your P60 and you knew you had to keep it safe, so I'm sorry but we can't help. If so, you have a second paid option.


As long as you can provide some fairly basic payroll information it is quite simple to calculate what information would have been on your lost P60. Many payroll bureau's buy in thousands of forms each year as they need to cover staff from multiple employers on their books, and will often have the correct documents in stock.


Armed with the right forms for the pay year, together with your pay information reproducing the lost P60 document is quite simple.


You will need to provide your name & address, your employers name & address, your National Insurance number, Tax Code, PAYE Ref Number if you know it, and the amount you were paid. This can be either the gross amount before tax, or the amount you received in your bank, as it is simple to work out what the deductions would be with the correct tax code.


If you are unsure of your Tax Code it is highly probable you were paying just the standard tax code for the year you need the P60 for. This is usually different for each year but the payroll bureau will have a record, and calculate accordingly.


This is often the fastest method as you will likely receive an email scanned copy within an hour, with the original paper document sent by post the same day. The P60 will be a genuine payroll document replacing the lost P60 completely.


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