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How to Fix a Problem with your Order

May 28, 2024

Don't panic if you forgot to add some information to your documents or you want to make a change. We will help fix any problems.

Submit your full order again with the correct amounts. Use ADMIN as your voucher code and you will skip payment. Use the quick order link in the shipping email to save time. You won't have to enter all the data again.

We first check the code is valid and then process your new order. It might take a little longer (max 60 mins) because we check it corresponds with an existing order.

Payroll Staff Discussing an Order

There are some restrictions to avoid misuse.

1. The original order must have been in the last 5 days.

2. We can only change dates if in the same period.

An example would be if you get a monthly payslip and you entered the 29th but actually need the 31st. The range needs to be close. Clients in the past would order a single payslip and keep changing the date. Which isn't good business from our point of view. You can't order January payslip then change it to Feb, then March, etc.

3. We can change address information and spelling mistakes. But we can't change to a completely different company or employee.

Other than that you can change document styles if you prefer something different. You can change all the pay amounts.

Tips for Ordering Documents

1. Enter your pay figures as (NET) take home pay and we can reverse calculate the salary.

2. Use advanced options to provide your own calculations.

3. You can add up to 13 payslips on a single order. Lowest date first.

4. If you don't know what you're doing less is more. Leave tax code empty. Don't use 'Advanced' options.

5. Always create free samples first.

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