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May 28, 2024

Our aim has always been to keep it simple…  with just dates and pay amounts it’s easy to create documents. But if you’re trying to do more, this section may help.

It's Self-Service / DIY
Only you can create documents or make changes. We make it easy, encoding a ‘quick link’ in the last email with your PDF copies. Then simply enter dates & amounts without the other stuff. It takes just seconds.

Creating Documents Online

Data Security
We can’t add extra dates to your last order because we only keep the information a short while to ensure data privacy. Use the ‘quick link’ in the email that contained your last copies and select ‘carry forward’ to include YTD from the last payslip.

Payment Options
We use PayPal for processing but you don’t need an account as you can checkout as a guest. There’s usually a button below the login. You can then simply pay with card.

If you don’t see that, clear browser cookies 🍪 because it thinks you have an account.

Custom Layout or Design
You can change style on the order information. Use the button to cycle through designs. We can’t custom match payslips but we have the popular styles and options. You could look for a bespoke design service if they don’t work for you.

Pay Breakdown
If entering gross pay you can choose to add hours & rate, bonus / commission, expenses. Deductions can include student loan, healthcare and custom pension contributions. If you provide take home pay amounts we can only reverse calculate to a single figure which can't then be split to basic, bonus, etc.

Year to Date
The pay year starts Apr 6th. Unless you provide figures to carry forward we calculate the amount of your first payslip date backwards to work out YTD. If pay is usually the same that’s fine.

If pay is often different we recommend entering figures from the previous pay to carry forward. If you don’t have that, we suggest you create all payslips received from April 6th to date. If work started after Apr 6th be sure to select ’new starter’ and enter first payslip date.

Calculations + - =
If you can’t get it right it’s usually something simple as dates (year), tax code, or pay period. Using advanced options you can also override any values you choose to get it perfect.

Usually everything happens within minutes but sometimes it takes longer and this is normal. Our system flags spam, possible errors, and spelling issues for review. Sometimes the payment token can take a while to update our system and release an order. If waiting for printed copies in the post it can take a few days. Usually Royal Mail deliver next day but it's not guaranteed.

Errors / Changes
You can make multiple samples until you get it right so have another go. If you messed up an order and you just PAID simply re-enter correct details and use voucher code ADMIN and we’ll sort it.

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