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Landscape P60 2021 Stationery

January 16, 2023

Many people recognise the landscape P60 as the original P60 layout. The laser document of recent years based on the NCR forms from decades ago that you could get from HMRC.

The orange portrait has been more popular of late. Sage was the only company manufacturing the blue landscape stationery.

Landscape P60 2021 Stationery

As more companies move toward e-payroll. Sage announced they would stop selling printed stationery.

From 31st December 2020, Sage will no longer sell Sage Stationery. However, there are many other suppliers who can provide you with stationery that is compatible with your Sage software.
Sage does not have any recommended suppliers for standard stationery, but suppliers can easily be sourced through popular browser search engines.
Your Sage software gives you access to product digital alternatives to paper stationery, such as payslips, P60s, invoices, statements and orders.

Source: Sage PLC

We know many customers are not ready to go completely digital and still want printed forms. We can currently provide a PDF copy and are looking in to printing blank stationery. We'll update here soon.

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