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How to Create Online Payslips

May 28, 2024

Creating online payslips can be a convenient way to manage payroll information. Our self-service application allows you to create pay documents quickly and easily. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create accurate and complete payslips.

Getting Started

To create documents, use the orange button above. You can choose PDF copies or printed forms. Please note that it's a self-service system, which means that you need to input the information yourself. The quality of the payslip is only as good as data you provide. If you enter incorrect information, the payslip will not be accurate.

Online Payslip Standard Style

Often users want printed versions of company e-payroll and they provide own calculations. But if you don't have that level of information... with just pay amounts we can usually fill in the blanks so don't be put off having a go. We recommend creating free samples first.

Tips & Tricks

When you only have limited information

If you only have your pay amount and dates, don't worry. Our system can still help you create payslips. Just enter select the gross (before) or net (after-tax) option, and our system can calculate the rest.

When you have all the information

If you have more detailed information, you can enter pay hours & rate, a bonus, commission & expenses. Make sure to select 'Advanced Options,' and then choose the items you want to include. You can provide your own figures for tax / NI / student loan / pensions / employer NI / figures to carry forward. These must be gross amounts.

How to get the correct year to date pay

If you get a fixed salary, the pay you enter for the first payslip is pro-rata calculated back to the start of the payroll year which is April 6th.

Example: You get paid 3000 at the end of Jan and pay is monthly. It’s the 10th pay period of the pay year that starts 6th April. Year to date pay would be calculated as 3000 x 10 periods = YTD 30,000. If you ordered 3 payslips Jan, Feb & March the pay automatically carries forward.

If pay is always different you will need to provide year to date amounts from the previous payslip. If you don’t have that use our system to create all payslips from April 6th which is a new pay year.

If your a new starter after April 6th select that option and enter your first payslip date. The system will use that as the starting point for YTD pay.

Bonus (special note) - If you get a one off bonus don’t order that as the first payslip or it will calculate back to start of the year. Either order an extra one before (without bonus) or manually enter YTD to carry forward. If in doubt... just create all payslips after Apr 6th as free samples to get the YTD figures.

When you need to show an allowance (or other)

If you need to show an allowance the option is not currently available, but if you enter the amount as a bonus, we can later re-word it if you reply to the sample email. The full feature will be back very soon.

When you don't know your tax code

If you're unsure of your tax code leave it empty, and we'll apply the standard tax for the pay dates entered. If it's a second job, you should enter 'BR', and your pay will be taxed with zero personal allowance.

When you need a different style

If you need a different style, near the top of page 2 on the order form, you'll see an example payslip with a 'Change Style' button. Clicking that will rotate you through a gallery of different documents until you find something suitable. There’s currently 10+ style / colour combinations. Unfortunately we don’t create custom designs, edit layouts, or add company logos.

When the company address didn’t show up

If the address you enter is too long for the allocated space, by default only the company name will show. You can choose to shorten the address or switch to another payslip style with more allocated space.

When it's just not coming out right

If your payslip isn't looking correct, it could be because of an incorrect tax code, wrong dates, or pay periods. You can always choose advanced options and use your calculation amounts to override the system-generated figures. Unexpected outcomes are usually because of;

1. Pay - entered as before deductions (gross pay) when it should be take home (net pay), or the other way round.

2. Tax code - incorrect and is deducting the wrong amount of personal allowance.

3. Date - is wrong. It will create payslips in sequential order so if you wanted 3 items Jan, Feb & March you must enter Jan pay date first.

4. Pay period - is incorrect. A common issue is when pay is 'Monthly' but 'Four Week' pay is selected.

This is not the same, there are 13 x 4 week periods in a year and only 12 months. Four week pay repeats every 28 days whereas monthly pay is usually every 30/31 days.

When the app or payment links won't load

Usually this can be resolved by refreshing browser window or restarting app. Alternatively you could try on another device or clear your browser cookies.

Putting things right

To make it easier we encode a quick link in every email with PDF copies which saves you entering the boring stuff again. If you messed up sample docs simply start again. You can play around until you’re happy there's no limit. If you realise you messed up an order you purchased you can edit using voucher code ADMIN.


Our aim is to reach a wide audience with the most common requirements while keeping it simple to use. It's a balancing act and we know it might not be 100% perfect for everyone, but we make it free to create samples so you can see if it works for you.

We hope this guide has been helpful. You could also check out our FAQ's.

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