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System Status Update

April 11, 2023

16/02/2023 - The app was unavailable last weekend due to significant backend issues encountered Friday. Our software developer passed away unexpectedly recently, and we had to hand the reins to someone new. The original code was complex and difficult to unravel, so we decided to rebuild the codebase from scratch. Over the years, we had added multiple layers of function which complicated everything.

To ensure a quick recovery, we focused on ensuring the correctness of data for the last few months and beyond as this is the bulk of our traffic. Anything else will be addressed in the coming weeks.

As of now, we are closely monitoring for unusual behaviour.

Known Issues:

All systems working OK but monitoring closely due to recent work.

Fixed Issues:

National Insurance: Due to multiple changes in the NI calculation made by the government during the 2022/23 pay year, we have only coded the standard calculation to ensure that our system is operational. Further work is required for the first three months up to July 5th, and from July 6th to November 5th. Any dates before or after those periods are not affected and are functioning properly. Fixed 19th Feb.

If you notice anything don't hesitate to reach out. In the short term, you can also override our system with your own calculations by selecting "advanced control".

We're working to get everything back very soon.

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