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New Payslip Styles Added for 2021

January 16, 2023

Sage has stopped producing printed stationery as e-payroll finds greater adoption. Some of their layouts may disappear from our range soon, so we have introduced some new styles.

At the end of 2020 Sage plc announced they would stop selling  printed pay stationery. They're the largest supplier of accounting and payroll software. You would recognise the payslips as some of the most popular designs.

As the industry has embraced e-payroll the need for print stationery has declined.

We stocked up on the items they supplied. But they will run out at some point and we're not sure if there will be replacements. Another printer may take the initiative and start producing the same stationery. But at this point we don't know.

New Compact Payslip Style in Blue

We get constant feedback from clients about what they want so have decided to add some items to our range.

The new compact layout comes in a choice of Blue, Green or Black. It is very easy to understand and follows a logical layout. The centre section split in 3 columns.

The first part shows the payments, and can include hours & rate, bonus and more. The home address is optional and the payslip looks fine with or without it. Other payslips leave an obvious space if the address is not included. This works better.

New Compact Payslip Style in Geen

The middle column is a period summary showing any deductions and employer contributions. Items shown include tax, national insurance, pension, student loan, healthcare, and employer NI.

The last part shows the totals for the year to date, including this payslip. The pay year starts April 6th so this column shows the accumulated amount from each payslip.

Legacy payslips are usually Blue or Green. But we have had clients asking for a black layout. A higher quality than they can print at home but still a simple design. So we added this... and a P60 to match which is a single colour adaption of the standard design.

They come single cut on 120 gsm paper. Which is thicker than normal office paper, and has a matt finish. Anyone familiar with our prime payslips will have had this. Size is 210 x 120mm.

If you plan to buy only PDF copies at a discount and print at home, these would be your best option.

We always offer unlimited free samples so try them and let us know what you think.

P60 New for 2021

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