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P60 Certificate: Year End 5th April 2021

May 28, 2024

The P60 Document for the pay year to 5th April 2021 will be issued shortly after the year end. It covers earnings and deductions for the 12 months as reported to HMRC. You should expect to receive your P60 for 2021 a short time after April 5th

At time of writing the most recent copy P60 would be from last Aprils' pay year end 2020. A new summary for the pay year covering April 6th 2020 through April 5th 2021 will be due soon.

This may be the first time you receive an electronic version known as an eP60. Many employers have switched to digital documents for convenience and to cut costs. Companies report to HMRC online and it's easier to issue employee forms this way too.

If you need a physical version of your P60 we can supply printed documents by post.

Sample P60 for 2021

Printed P60 versus digital copy, what's the difference?

You need to keep your P60 for 5+ years incase you need it as proof of earnings and deductions. It has become an important part of the set of ID documents required to get a loan, mortgage, house rental and more. Often you need to provide a printed copy with an application.

Should the company provide the print version?

They are under no obligation and may tell you to print the e-P60. This will usually be a black and white copy on office paper. We often print documents on behalf of employers that don't have the correct forms at hand.

Can I get last years P60 for 2020?

Each year the printed certificate dates change. We buy in bulk and hold stock for many years. We usually have all styles for ten years and some going even further back. Often a customer will ask for a copy P60 for the last 5 years which is usually very straight forward.

Will you check with HMRC or my employer for me?

You can get your employer to order with us using their own figures. We can't contact them on your behalf. Likewise Revenue & Customs will not share your data with a third party. You could get the information from them then create your copy forms if you wish.

What information do you need to create a 2021 P60?

If you have an electronic version it is easy to transfer data. There's not a lot of detail. If you don't have a copy but know how much you received, with other simple information it's easy to calculate.

You will need;

  • Company Details
  • Employee Name & Address
  • National Insurance Number
  • Tax Code
  • Pay Received
  • Start Date (only if after Apr 6th)

Will they be better than printing my email copy?

Yes. We laser print the information on to pre-printed colour stationery. HMRC approve the design and software providers like Sage supply them. We print client details on those forms. They will likely be cleaner and more crisp than printing an email on your home printer.

Why are there different P60 styles?

It can be confusing but the Orange portrait style is now the document to choose. Over the years different styles have been popular and are still in use. The Blue landscape format was popular for many years and used to be a 3 part form. Employee would get a copy, the company would keep one and the other went by post to HMRC.

I receive the same pay can I use last years P60?

Even if your gross pay remains the same your P60 detail will likely change. The calculations for working out tax deducted and national insurance usually vary. Usually your tax code with change with an increased allowance. Also the form shows a year end date near the top.

How to get a copy P60 for 2021

You can order using the start button above. It is quick and simple and you can get a free sample by email before you buy. If happy with your sample click to pay and we post documents the same day.

If you're not sure ask your employer to place the order. We can send to them or straight to you.

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