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How to Get a P60 for the Last 5 Years

May 28, 2024

If you lost or never received your P60 and your employer won’t help. You can ask HMRC for details from their records. With the pay amounts you can use our replacement P60 service to create documents. We send you email copies and genuine P60 printed stationery. If you need documents for the last five years, we have a discount deal to lower the cost.

Image of P60 for Last 5 Years

Where to Start

OK... It may be stating the obvious but you should ask the employer first. Most will do what they can to help. But they may no longer have correct stationery, or access to their old data.

If they can provide earnings totals for each year (which runs 6th April to 5th April the following year). We can calculate and print the P60 forms. Ask them to visit us here, or get the information and come direct.

If the company is not an option (and there can be many reasons why). HMRC can provide the figures you need. You won't get a P60 for the last 5 years. You will get a letter (statement) providing the information reported by the employer.

Depending on your needs, this may be all you want. An official letter from HMRC should be proof of earnings. If necessary you can use the data they provide to get your P60 on printed forms.

How We Can Help

You might be asking how we provide a service the employer can't, and that's valid. Our business IS payroll and replacing lost documents is very common request. Our systems are set up to cover past pay years, and we keep stock of old stationery.

P60 Stationery

Stationery is important as the design would change each time. They print the pay year end date on the form, making it useless the following year. We would buy a large stock to keep and with the correct pay tables in place could create old documents. We still have some forms going back twenty plus years.

With the pay totals for each year we can calculate and create your P60 forms.

Information Needed

The information needed is standard items you would expect. Company name & address. Employee details and Pay amount. To help, we created How to Get a P60 video which covers the requirements.

How to Get a P60 for 5 Years (at discount)

First thing to know you can create unlimited free samples using our online software. So make the 5 pay years you need. But don't pay.

When we send the PDF sample there's a payment link. Ignore this because when our system recognises you need 5 years, you will get a discount link covering all items.

Our usual selling price for a single P60 is £30.00 each but we’ll provide 2 for free… If you only need email you get a further 50% on top. So you will pay £90.00 (or £45.00).

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