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How to Get a P60 Online

May 28, 2024

This quick 3 minute read will walk you through how you can get an online P60 and what information you need to ensure your document is correct. Learn what to do if you did not work a full year and how to reverse calculate from payments received to your bank.

We show how to convert your employers electronic P60 to printed stationery if needed as part of a package to support proof of employment to rent property or mortgage, apply for student finance, etc.

If you’re the person who likes to jump in without reading instructions; go ahead it’s quite simple. You can create free samples so there’s no risk.

Ordering a P60 Document Online While at Desk

Who needs to get a P60 online

Typically our clients fall in one of three categories. 

  1. The person who’s company uses e-payroll and has everything at hand except high quality documents on genuine payroll stationery.
  2. The employee that has lost payslips or a P60 issued by their company and have struggled to get replacement copies.
  3. A company running e-payroll but requiring ad-hoc printed pay forms to assist staff with proof of earnings for various needs.

Sample P60 Document for 2023

Before we start it’s worthwhile pointing out that you have other options to buying online and we cover those in this post. They include how to ask your employer or get information from HMRC. Both won’t cost anything and we even provide an email template you can copy and paste to get what you need.

The benefits of ordering online are we’re fast and can do it right now. And your employer may struggle with documents from previous years.

When do you receive a P60

For a long while it was common misconception that HM Revenue issued your P60. But it’s created by your company at year end. Not December 31st (I know… Confusing) but April 5th which is payroll year end here in the United Kingdom. That doesn’t mean you receive it exactly on that date as there’s a period of grace to tie up ‘year end’ administration, usually it’s within a few weeks.

At the time of writing the most recent P60 you would have is April 5th 2022. With a new document due soon.

The P60 shows total earnings for the year along with deductions for tax and national insurance contributions, student / postgrad loans. It also shows any statutory payments made such as maternity pay, etc.

Information you need to get a P60 online

If converting e-P60 (electronic) documents to printed forms you will have everything you need. All data can be passed to our system for a ‘like for like’ reproduction.

If you don’t have documentation we can still calculate based on pay you received.

Required information;

  1. Company name & address.
  2. Your name & home address.
  3. Your National Insurance number and payroll ID if you have one.
  4. Tax code if you have a non-standard allowance.
  5. Total pay amount for the year, either gross or net.

With that we can calculate with a fair degree of accuracy what your P60 would look like. 

Disclaimer; without 100% accurate data from you it’s impossible to be sure. If in doubt you can contact HMRC for a statement and transfer the information to printed forms.

If you receive a set salary for the year as an example all you would do is enter that amount (e.g £30,000). If you received different amounts each time and are unsure, best to check your bank statements and total every salary amount for the pay year. We will be able to reverse calculate back to gross pay.

If you only worked part of the year

Select the option for ’new starter’ and provide the first pay date. You then enter your pay amount. All calculations will reflect the actual period in the job rather than spread across the full year. You can also enter any salary amounts from any previous employment which would be found on your P45. It’s also worth mentioning that if you changed jobs you only receive a P60 from the company you worked for on April 5th.

Creating P60 documents from previous years

Our online system will calculate a P60 for any of the last 10 years, we also stock the original forms if you need printed versions. For a while now the standard Orange & Blue form has been the default design, so if your pay year is anything from 2017 it’s the best choice. There have been minor updates but we provide the correct design to match the year.

There are also other designs and layouts which where utilised by different employers and we stock the most popular. You would most likely see these for older years, but where still used up until 2020.


We can provide your P60 online in both PDF format and genuine P60 forms. It takes a few minutes to order. You get free samples before you buy anything. If you do something wrong we’re happy to fix free of charge. And we offer a ‘no quibble’ money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying our service. We’re sure you will be impressed. You can create your free sample documents here.

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